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Activity tracking made easy

Track user activity in your software.

No matter where. No embeds required. Easy to set up.

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Easily track metrics

One API call is all it takes to collect metrics. Call it from wherever you want. No libraries or embeds necessary.

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Get to know your users

See user activity on your dashboard. No matter for which project.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it compare to other analytics tools?

Google Analytics, Plausible Analytics, Simple Analytics, Fathom, and so on are website analytics tools. They are used to track various metrics on your website. For this, they typically use a script you embed on your own website.

Pingparrot is different. We give you an API endpoint for every project. Each request to that endpoint will register as a ping. You can add any string as an identifier to the request in order to uniquely identify users.

This gives you great flexibility in how to use Pingparrot. It can be used on any platform that has internet access and can make HTTP POST requests.

Some of the most popular use-cases are tracking total, unique and active users over time of desktop, mobile, or command-line applications.

What about privacy?

We do not log any information about your users apart from the identifier you optionally provide with the HTTP call. No cookies, no fingerprinting, no pop-up banners.

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